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TiverBuilt provides homeowners and partners with access to the latest 3D construction technology, known in the industry as Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our team of highly skilled interior design and BIM specialists create a digital replica of your actual structure through a process known as Digital Construction. This integrated approach helps inform and empower homeowners to imagine what’s possible and build. 

3D Digital Construction


TiverBuilt is one of the only digital design and construction companies in the U.S. serving the residential space. Our digital construction process provides homeowners with the documentation needed for construction. It also identifies specific material quantities so that homeowners can get a comprehensive proposal from builders and compare quotes more objectively. Additionally, it provides incredibly realistic renderings captured from your 3D digital model. With the information and visuals generated from your 3D digital model you will be informed, empowered and ready to successfully manage your construction project.

What is Digital Construction?

Digital construction is the practice of building a structure in a 3D digital environment. These digital structures are known to in the construction industry as a Building Information Model (BIM). 3D models provide visuals to help people envision their space, as well as detailed information to help plan and manage their renovation or build. 

When does Digital Construction take place?

Typically, digital construction happens prior to the start of field construction. Building in a digital environment before field construction streamlines the decision-making process and minimizes risk. 

What do I get out of the 3D Digital Model?

The 3D digital model generates the 2D construction sheets most people are accustomed to seeing when building. The digital model also generates the square footage information associated with each material. With materials selected the images and videos that we provide to our clients and homeowners ensure they can “see” their space before it’s actually built. Virtual reality tours are also popular among our clients so they can be totally immersed in their design.

Who uses the Digital Model?

One of the best parts about having a digital model of your project is that it increases collaboration by ensuring everyone involved in your project is on the same page from the start. With everyone working from the information generated from the 3D model, expectations are very clear. Homeowners are empowered with information and feel confident throughout the project.

Industrywide, the digital model is used by: 

  • Designers and architects to generate the construction sheet documents for a project. Some use the digital model to inform design decisions and confirm the design intent was satisfied for their clients before field construction begins.

  •  Builders to quantify the materials that will be ordered and used to inform the proposals they are providing to homeowners. Builders are also using the digital model to optimize pricing and offer value engineering before the start of construction.

  •  Engineers to assess structural load requirements and consult on design alterations that may be required to achieve the design intent requested by the homeowner.

  • Material suppliers to aid the homeowner in the selection process. The digital model is used to show options in things like window and door styles, finish color options and more. In some cases, this is similar as to how decorating or design professionals would use the digital model to demonstrate design and material options to the homeowner.

What does this service cost?

Although costs may vary depending on the project and services required, homeowners should budget around $2 per square foot to have your digital model created by our team. Every project is different and we are able to consult and customize our services to fit your needs. 

How much will I save?

The industry as a whole is crediting digital construction practices with a 22% savings on overall construction costs. We are demonstrating similar savings for our clients. Our previous clients are happy to speak to you as to the benefits they have gleaned using our process to plan and manage their project.

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Lindsay Prichard-Fox

Lindsay Prichard-Fox

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Lindsay Prichard-Fox

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Lindsay Prichard-Fox

Casey Jo Semler

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